Online Business: Economic Survival In A Pandemic

One way or the other this pandemic has impacted our lives. We hope and pray that we can get through this ordeal. It takes tenacity, resilience and endurance to survive. Avoiding not to get infected is one thing; to get food on the table is another. To survive this, you got to have both. Staying-in-shelter is the safest way not to get sick but the least productive – unless you have some sort of source of income such as work at home online.

Your mind dithers – thinking between economic and health safety. A “substantial amount of savings” is not an enduring guarantee. No guarantee when you’ll get back to work. If you do, how long. There is no escaping the fact that resources will be depleting no matter how “adequate” they are. If only there is a vaccine already so everybody can get it and go back to work safely. We are not safe – health and economic wise.

The uncertainty is what you and me has no control of. If there is anything that we can learn from this experience.- “do not learn to react, learn how to respond”.

Don’t react – respond to find a solution

Day after day, the stress adds up. The uncertainty of resolution brought about for lack of vaccine aggravates the already tense state of affairs. There is nothing any of us can do about that. Not even the medical experts. All they can do for now is observe the so-called “curve” hoping it will bend through observance of mitigating practices. That situation is exacerbated by not seeing your regular cash flow income from work. The uncertain man must look for a way to earn a second way of living.” Why can’t I go back to work?” ” Why can’t I go to the beach?” “Why do I have to wear a mask?”

These are reactive conducts that are unproductive.

Respond positively. “I’ll stay home because I hate face masks”. “I’ll watch ‘Netflix’. The beach is always there”. “I can’t go to work and not making money; why not try to start an online home business.”

Government Stimulus Checks Are Not Enough

Many governments allocate monies to it’s citizens. These stimulus checks can get us through briefly with our basic needs. The CARES Act is very comprehensive as to include businesses. Two trillion dollars is mind-blogging. Not everybody was happy though. Many thought the dole out was disproportionate; a pittance; or exiguous – “it’s not gonna last”. Still, that amount is very “lavish and indulging”. Are we Americans spoiled people? Or just lucky to be in the USA?

Us Americans have so much to thank for. Not all governments can afford to help many of it’s citizens. As a nation, we banded together to help each other. Many organizations are distributing food to those in need. Many individuals stood up to share their fortunes. But despite all these “blessings in times of trouble”, everything is temporary. Just as this pandemic is going to pass away; the help has it’s limits.

How far can the government sustain the economy? Can this pandemic raze the economy to ashes? The answer is no. NO. No way. Us Americans will not let it happen. The answer lies in the individual and their families; how they handle their own particular situations.

Many Industries Operate Online Now

For sure, the economy slowed down. It did not stand still. some industries are running; some are not. Some restaurants adapted and modified their operations. “Adapt or perish”. In order to survive, restaurants changed to take-out orders only. Customers can order online. Their orders are delivered either by UberEats or GrabHub. In addition to UberEats and GrabHub, there are service companies that facilitates grocery shopping and delivery. Instacart is one of them. They are “localized”, ie., they can shop and deliver from your closest Stater or Ralph’s grocery store.

Thanks to the “Internet Of Things”, it paved the transformation of the way we live and work.

This pandemic changed many paradigms. Zoom, a very popular video communications software accelerated these changes.

An Online Business To Get Through During Economic Slowdown

Let’s face it. This economic downturn is just temporary. Soon the economy will rebound. Not every industry will rise from the ashes though. The economy will pickup but very slowly. The 2001 911 tragedy stopped the economy but not as long as this pandemic did and is doing. Yet the 911 recovery took about ten years. There are more uncertainties brought about by this pandemic economically than the 911.

We should be ready to absorb the coming adverse economic impact. Can you sense it? I do.

What to do next?

Second Income – Low Investment

Beware of free online business. I doubt if there is such thing. Money begets money. Even if you don’t put upfront investment, the time you spent learning about the business is in itself an investment. Online businesses requires training. You have to understand and learn how to maneuver through their operating platform. Doing so will greatly increase your chances of being a successful online businessman.

Beware of online businesses that just rely on purely training; and it ends there. Your business must be supported by their money-making platform. Some companies leave you after training is completed. The training must be a step-through process where it leads you to function profitably. If after completing the training and spending a few investments, you are on your own – that is not a good business venture.

Could you imagine a franchiser subjecting you to rigorous training and lets you go without support? In this situation, the franchisee applies his knowledge to make a profit. In other words, the franchiser did not just sell the franchise. Both franchiser and franchisee must make a profit or the business falls off. It cannot be one-sided as some online business models are.

What Is The Best Online Business In Pandemic

This pandemic does not have a time frame. We know how it started and it’s attending repercussions. How you’d wish you have an income-generating business to lean on during this pandemic. A supplement income from your job, if employed.

A good online business is one that will sail through even in better times.

Do not engage in too many businesses. One or two is enough.

Embark on a business pertaining to health and marketing. Why?

The health industry is durable in times of “war and peace”. The marketing industry is essential in a robust or weak economy. Everybody is concerned about immune system. How to boost it; how not to lose it. Businesses wants to get back its customers; calling each and every patron.

A Product That Is Health-related

In this pandemic, everybody is concerned about immune system. The stronger it is, the higher your chance not to get sick of Covid-19. CTFO Hemp Oil business opportunity is the best in the health-related industry. Their products ranges from beauty-enhancing to immune-boosting. It is free to join. Lots of free training.

Businesses Needs Marketing More Than Ever

During an economic downturn, businesses needs marketing to rise up. After the slump, customers need to know which establishment is operational again. More than ever, advertising is crucial for businesses to live and thrive again. More than ever, marketing will always play a big role in up ticking the economy. Affiliate marketing is the simplest and easier way of doing online business.Wealthy Affiliate is an entry-level business model. This is affiliate marketing at its best. Free to join. Lots of training.

Easy Business – Low Learning Curve

Wealthy Affiliate is a business that is easy to learn. Aside from the myriad of training and community support, the learning materials are easy to comprehend and execute.The same thing with CTFO Hemp Oil business. Their products are very much in demand.

The Business: Affiliate Marketing/Hemp CBD Oil

There are many legitimate online businesses out there; there are also unprofitable s. Affiliate Marketing and Hemp CBD Oil are the two businesses I am attached too. These two business come hand-in-hand. Both are involved in the basic economic needs. Hemp CBD Oil relates to health. Affiliate Marketing relates to business subsistence.

Even after a vaccine is discovered, it will take years for everybody to be vaccinated. The damaged economy will take years to recover.
These two businesses parallel with each other.

Check out CTFO Hemp Oil business. Or Wealthy Affiliate marketing business.

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